The ovos learning & gaming platform for all devices

ovos play

We use principles of game design in order to create easily accessible and sustainable learning experiences.

Playful Trainings


  • Interactive flashcards with video, scenes and dialogues
  • A quiz with multiplayer feature
  • A dynamic competence profile
  • An assessment and a personalized learning path

ovos play MICRO combines the teaching of learning content through interactive flashcards with a continuous multiplayer assessment using a quiz duel and visualizes learning progress on an attractive dashboard with individual learning advice.




Competence profile


  • Classroom training
  • Events
  • School lessons

Live quizzes work as icebreakers during classroom training, they allow participants to verify their knowledge during the event and enable live feedback for lecturers.


  • Playful knowledge and learning portal
  • Competitions and intelligent learning advice based on KPIs
  • Focus on core topics and corporate goals

The application helps employees achieve their goals through a variety of gamification mechanisms by focusing on relevant content and corporate goals.

Thanks to ovos, we can now implement our leadership training on mental health effectively and at a low cost due to the motivating character of the game and the various training scenarios.
Dr. Ulrich Birner, SIEMENS AG
Due to our high standards, we had been looking for a state-of-the-art software for the integration of our learning content in the field of financial education for a long time. We have found it by working with ovos.
ovos is a very competent partner in the field of gamification and learning games and they have also proven themselves working on projects with Volkswagen in the industrial sector. The results and achievements are both innovative and sustainable.
Prof. Dr. Werner Schreiber, VOLKSWAGEN
We have come to know ovos as a very competent and creative partner and are already planning further implementation.
Mag. Doris Rannegger, REWE GROUP

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