Career Orientation To Go

🧭 Guidance for the educational pathway

The first step toward choosing a career can sometimes be quite difficult. Children and young people often lack an overview of the many occupational fields and vocational training paths available. Together with AKNÖ and WKNÖ, we have therefore developed “Career Orientation To Go”. The platform is a low-threshold tool for parents, guardians and training advisors to support children and young adults in their search for their dream job.

Web Solutions

💪 Focus on children’s strengths and interests

To ensure that it is really easy to find the career profiles that are relevant to the child in question, we have incorporated an intelligent algorithm that filters job databases based on the child’s skills and interest profile. This makes finding exciting occupations a breeze. From aerobics instructor to zoologist, there’s something for everyone.

🥾 Thinking one step further

Finding the right occupational profile is not the end of the story, however. Now the real fun begins: Individual offers such as information about events, companies and application modalities round off the search results and help plan the next steps. “Career Orientation To Go” thereby offers everything needed to get in touch directly with the company and vocational training institution of one’s choice.

🤸 Flexible like the interests of youth

Life of and with children can sometimes be quite varying and demanding. “Career Orientation To Go” adapts: The education tool can be used anywhere and anytime for free in the browser or as an app on the smartphone. The child’s progress is never lost, even if there is a longer break or interests change over time.