Next stop: Munich

WESTbahn launches KlimaTicket era with new trains, new route and innovative online updates

To celebrate its tenth anniversary, WESTbahn has put its KISS 3 fleet on track in 2021. The new three-class trains also mean an overhaul of the seat reservation system. And with the introduction of the KlimaTicket Ö, Relax Check-in and a new payment provider, we have plenty of new features on board. Starting April 8th, we’ll also be crossing the border – directly to Munich.

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Crossing borders on the way

Multiple times a day, the train takes only 3h 47min from Vienna via Salzburg to the destination Munich Central Station. With Munich East as a stop, Munich Airport is also swiftly accessible.

… the fastest, most comfortable and energy-efficient journey to Munich
Hans Peter Haselsteiner, Westbahn-Co-owner

As early as the beginning of September, to coincide with the introduction of the KlimaTicket Ö, the WESTbahn has been operating double-decker trains of the new “energy-optimized” KISS 3 generation. The new trains score with lower CO2 emissions and ten percent more seats are available than before.

The three-class concept is new: In addition to Standard (2nd class) and First Class, there is now a Comfort Class in between – in other words, a kind of “Premium Economy”. KlimaTicket holders can upgrade to this “KlimaTicket class” free of charge. As part of these innovations, we have given the seat and bike reservation system a new design:

Please do not disturb

For all those who want to relax immediately after boarding and not be disturbed by a ticket check, WESTbahn now offers the Relax Check-in. All you have to do is scan the QR code at your seat with your smartphone and you will be taken directly to the WESTbahn website for confirmation. A separate app is not required.


Regardless of whether you buy tickets on the website or travel with a KlimaTicket, as soon as you use the Relax Check-in and are logged in, you receive WESTpoints – the bonus system of the WESTbahn – for the kilometers you travel. There are two ways to redeem these points:

  • in the ticket store on the website – for additional tickets or upgrades
  • at the vending machine directly on the train – for coffee or snacks

To redeem WESTpoints at the vending machine, we generate a QR code directly on the mobile website, which is used for cashless payment.

Those who prefer to travel “anonymously” can also use the Relax Check-in without “registering” or simply show your ticket or KlimaTicket to the train attendants.

And the list goes on: Many new ideas for features and improvements are already waiting to be implemented. We are looking forward to it …