The language magician

Playful language assessment for elementary school students

THE LANGUAGE MAGICIAN provides a motivational and stress-free method for evaluating language skills. The program can evaluate listening, reading and writing comphrehension in several different languages. In the context of an Erasmus+ research project, the first fully functional version was evaluated in several European schools in November 2016.

Goethe Institut
2016 - 2018
Unity3D (Client), NodeJS (Server)

Project description

The main function of the game is not to assign marks. It does, however, summarize correct answers, incorrect answers and two attempts during a game in a table format for the teacher. The game generates a certificate for the player, which can be printed out directly in the school. The game was developed on the basis of primary school standards from four European countries and is provided free of charge to all foreign language teachers and instructors.


Management of the Erasmus+ research project: Goethe-Institut London

Scientific partners: Association for Language Learning UK, Department of Education of the Spanish Embassy in the United Kingdom, Ministry of Education for Rioja, Teacher Training Centre of the Spanish Ministry of Education in Tenerife, the University of Leipzig, the University of Reading, the University for Foreigners in Perugia, the University for Foreigners in Siena and the University of Westminster


The Language Magician is free to play: Android / iOS

Working with ovos on the Erasmus plus project “THE LANGUAGE MAGICIAN” was a very positive experience for the Goethe Institute London. Particularly noteworthy are the high level of focus on the customer, the quick response times and the reliable management of the tasks. Agreed-upon services were always completed on time. In addition, the project team and our institute have a new business partner that not only delivers products, but also integrates its employees personally into a Europe-wide strategic partnership.
Karl Pfeiffer, Commissioner for Educational Cooperation German, Goethe-Institut London