Psycho-social health in the workplace

Siemens opts for scenario-based training for senior managers

Burn-out, bore-out, mobbing and other areas of psycho-social health in the workplace are issues that are becoming increasingly important in companies. We designed this training tool based on the “mental-health continuum” and developed it in collaboration with industrial psychologists:

Playful Trainings

Key areas & facts

  • Knowledge of mental health and illness
  • Recognizing the warning signs of mental stress
  • A sensitive response to psychological well-being
  • Support for psychologically overwhelmed employees
  • Self-evaluation in the virtual assistant.

1 in 4

People have problems in the area of psychosocial health at some point in their professional career.

25 days

The average sick leave due to mental illness.

€21 billion

Annual costs for German companies due to sick leave in this area.

Sources: World Health Organization, 2001/BKK Health Report, 2015/Federal Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, 2014