The mHealthINX Project

A user-friendly, holistic approach to stress management in an aging population

Started in March 2020, the mHealthINX project is an Active and Assisted Living funded consortium project led by ten organizations based in Austria, Switzerland, and the Netherlands over a span of three years. It targets the support of older employees (55+) in occupational settings, and aims to help reduce stress. With the help of ovos and the Austrian Institute of Technology, a VR app was developed for this project.

Active and Assisted Living programme
2020 - 2022


The mHealthINX project synergizes classical, established technologies with innovative, future-oriented technologies. It aims to provide an entirely new user experience for fostering employees’ wellbeing with mental health assessments, and mental health promoting features (e.g. cognitive training, mindfulness) in a playful manner.

In public settings, such as the working environment, mHealthINX provides GUI- and 2D-based interventions directly on the user’s mobile phone. In more private settings, such as in the home environment, mHealthINX offers VR-based interventions and trainings to coach and support users in regard to managing their stress.

The virtual reality app

In close cooperation, the Austrian Institute of Technology and ovos developed a VR app in Unity3D for the Oculus Quest 2, using various different approaches to reduce stress.

The photospheres and a 360° video present users with relaxing environments that help tune out stressful surroundings.

Minigames require little time to play, so that users can unwind for short intervals of time throughout the day.

Mindfulness interventions span from breathing exercises to learning exercises, teaching users how to cope with work-related stress and workplace distractions in an efficient and healthy way.

The mHealthINX VR tutorial

View a comprehensive tutorial on how to use the mHealthINX virtual reality application and its various features.