A simple formula: better training = less fluctuation

The new onboarding process at the Austrian Post

It’s a familiar problem: too many employees are thrown in at the deep end during on-the-job training, which makes them quickly do a runner. What started as an e-learning pilot project for the “mail carrier” department expanded to much of the Austrian Post in less than a year.  And the success has proven them right. And us too.

Österreichische Post AG
Playful Trainings

Project description

Under the premise of offering employees a comfortable and professional entry into the new job, we began the conceptual phase. There are different types of learning, all based on the sense organs involved in the learning process: auditory, visual, communicative and motor. Frequently, on-the-job training alone (that is, training that takes place directly in the often hectic workplace) does not offer time and space to adequately train new employees.

We developed a supplementary e-learning platform that offers tailored information for different departments. And we took it a step further: a delivery person who is working on foot sees different chapters than someone who is travelling by vehicle. Our goal was to tailor the learning material to each employee.

Game mechanics

There are modules with subordinate chapters, and each chapter consists of multiple, playful tasks that address the above-mentioned learning types. The game provides the player with feedback after every answer and summarizes the employee’s results at the end of each chapter. The player also gets personalised statistics with game progress, points, successes and high scores.


Managers can also assign the locations, manage employee groups with various chapters/tasks and set individual retraining sessions.