Digitally discover the world of climate protection

The VERBUND Climate School Challenge

Climate change concerns us all – that’s one reason why Hohe Tauern National Park, VERBUND and ovos have now created a new Challenge for the online Climate School launched in 2018. This time the target group consists of young learners in elementary school – they learn basic concepts, see how the climate is changing and how they themselves can do something about the change.

Nationalpark Hohe Tauern
Playful Trainings

Together against climate change

The youngest will be most strongly affected by climate change in the future. This is why the Hohe Tauern National Park and VERBUND want to reach out to these young people in particular and help them to take action together using digital learning methods. In the new Climate School Challenge, elementary school students are taught the basic knowledge they need to understand the complex interrelationships of our climate system. As before, the online climate school can be combined with a trip to the national park or a visit by national park rangers to the school – however in times of distance learning, exclusive work with the online tool is becoming increasingly important.

Learning and having fun at the same time

After ovos created a Climate School Challenge for secondary school in 2018, Hohe Tauern National Park approached us again to expand the portal for elementary school. With both fresh content and a simple, clear presentation of complex topics, we then made it our mission to make a Climate School Challenge colorful and educationally accessible for young children.

The knowledge is divided into several modules. This makes it easy to allocate time in class or at home, and topics can be covered according to plan. This also ensures that the young target group’s attention is not stretched and allows them to enjoy learning. The access is designed to be low-threshold and forgives mistakes by offering the possibility to repeat a module and try again. This way, ovos offers teachers support for blended learning in order to integrate digital teaching tools such as the online climate school into traditional lessons.

The path through the Challenge

Our Climate School Challenge is divided into numerous tidbits of knowledge. Students are first presented with information in a clean and simple format before being quizzed on what they have just learned. Gamification elements such as rewards, high scores, and the ability to download a certificate keep the challenge fun and motivating. Student progress is tracked throughout the challenge.

(1) Information

Multimedia explains everything about the climate in a colorful and simple way.

(2) Tasks

Different tasks test the students’ knowledge. Making mistakes and repeating the module are encouraged.

(3) Rewards

Points and badges reward participation.

(4) Comparison & Competition

High scores and statistics encourage persistence.

(5) Confirmation of success

A printable certificate confirms success.

The Hohe Tauern National Park is located in the Alps. It is home to the largest mountain in Austria: the Großglockner. Nevertheless, even in the national park, the glaciers continue to melt.

VERBUND is Austria’s leading electricity company.
Across Europe, it is one of the largest producers of hydropower electricity.