Iconomix Challenge for the Swiss National Bank

Gamified financial knowledge

Financial skills are among the key skills that young adults need to make their way in society and in the working world. The transfer of skills related to money and finances are one of the essential tasks of a general school education.

Schweizerische Nationalbank
2015 - 2019
Playful Trainings

ovos implemented the online challenge about financial knowledge for the ICONOMIX educational platform of the Swiss National Bank (SNB). The subject matter came from the SNB. In close cooperation with the bank, we created a project tailored to the target group of young people, who have been learning about the world of finance in a playful way in Swiss schools since September 2015. The challenge has since been regularly renewed and expanded with new features for students and teachers.

The production involved the constant input of media educators and finished off with testing in school classrooms in Switzerland.

Students now have a playful way to learn about finances, and teachers have additional material to supplement their economics curriculum. Teachers can also set up digital classrooms for students. They can monitor student progress via a course dashboard.

The challenge was and is monitored scientifically and challenged and validated with quantitative methods.